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Laureen with her Fiestaware collection

My Fiesta Favorites - From our Kitchen to Yours

Fiesta is as popular as ever but if you want a retro color you'll need to get it pre-loved :) Take a look around our shop and feel free to message me about finding that special piece.

Every Fiesta fanatic has a story to tell. Mine goes back to the 1960's.

I remember an 8 year old me wearing a gingham dress, saddle shoes and cat eye glasses with a dutch boy haircut. I found myself standing once again in my Aunt's home staring with excitement at the colorful stacks of plates, bowls and mugs in her 1960's kitchen. I looked for each member of the family to ask which colors they wanted for their place at the dinner table. Often I had to break the news that their particular color was no longer available. The more good-natured of my relatives would play along and pick a different color. The grumpier of the crowd would tell me to give them "whatever". Either way I would happily run back to the table to set out a colorful tablescape of Fiesta!

By 1975 when I got married I was sad that Fiesta was no longer being produced and I had to pick lesser dinnerware for my first kitchen.

The good news! By 1986 Fiesta was back, better than ever with new modern colors for the beautiful Art Deco shapes. I was hooked!

Fiesta followed me into the 21st century and I was with my daughter when she picked out Fiesta for her first kitchen. 20 years later she picked out her new colors from my collection of contemporary and retro pieces.

I admit, I am a little crazy about Fiesta! I started my shop to share my passion with other collectors around the country.

Let me know what you're looking for, I am happy to help :)

Happy collecting,

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