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Spend What you want - Know What You'll Get

At My Fiesta Favorites we love Fiesta new and old, even sometimes showing a little wear and tear.

Buying Vintage and Used items is a great way to show you love the environment, waste less and save a little money. All of our dishes are rated as follows and priced according to condition, so you can find just the right piece for you.

Nearly New - Dishes may show a few stacking marks or scratches but no chips, cracks or repairs. Barely used but not necessarily new. Bonus: Some might actually be new. May have possible factory imperfections.

Used - Still shiny, no chips, cracks or repairs. Will have noticeable markings up close and in the right light.  These dishes have had a happy past, lived a life and had a family that loved them. Still looks great but show more use then our Nearly New Dishes. May have possible factory imperfections.

Clearance/Worn - These dishes are no spring chickens, they've been around the block a few times and have tales to tell.

There's the plate that belonged to Jimmy, a self professed lover of all things hearty and meaty. He had a knife and wasn't afraid to use it. His plates knew what they were made for and served him well, but they have a few knife marks to show for it.

Then there are five small bowls in all his favorite colors. Each one served up little Jamie's breakfast cereal all through elementary school. You can tell they used a spoon to scoop up those last bits of breakfast everyday. Jaime ate and got big and strong and moved on to bigger bowls. Do you have a little one that would love these bowls too? They will grace your table beautifully and will serve you well. They are as sturdy as ever. If you break this bowl you won't break the bank.

Then there is Grandma Valerie's vintage mug. She drank from it the last 26 years and scrubbed it clean each day. She loved that mug so much it has some scrubby swirl marks in the bottom. Swirls that tell stories of hot coffee, steaming tea or hot chocolate. Stories that match smile lines on Grandma's face.

Still no chips, cracks or repairs. Will have utensil marks or scratches which can be seen under normal home lighting. Our most storied items and value priced.

Clearance/Damaged or Flawed - These dishes have flaws or damage that will clearly be disclosed. Many people find that they can be displayed beautifully and the damage can be hidden. Others find that they can be used and the damaged goes unnoticed. Please check pictures and descriptions carefully and decide if  it is worth the discount.

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